Local Press coverage in Stratford Herald

An article by Preston Witts appeared on the front page of the Stratford Herald on Thursday 18th July titled Alarm over town trust land sale:

ALARM was voiced this week that Stratford-upon-Avon Town Trust is planning to sell land for development purposes in one of the town’s most desirable residential areas. The trust has announced that it wishes to sell 1.48 acres it owns in Benson Road, on the edge of the Welcombe Hills. In an advertisement in a recent issue of the Herald this was described as a “freehold residential development opportunity”, subject to planning.

The full article is available here

1 thought on “Local Press coverage in Stratford Herald

  1. Ann Blake

    The Welcombe Hills land and the Rowley Fields land is for the residents of Stratford and in my view should always be protected for recreational purposes. Stratford town Trust and the Council have a duty to protect to the land from any form of development.


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