Houses to be built on Welcombe Hills?

Stratford Town Trust have sold (subject to contract) some beautiful land near the Welcombe Hills for housing development together with a house they bought in January 2013 for over £615,000  on Benson Road.  The Trust own most of the land between the top of Welcombe Road and Maidenhead Road which borders on the Welcombe Hills and  development of any part of this land may lead to all of it being a housing estate in future.  Do Stratford residents want this land developed?  Should the Trust be risking beneficiaries’ money in this way? Why didn’t they ask us what we think – after all if you live in Stratford you are a beneficiary and according to the Charity Commission should have been asked.

To find out more and make a stand against this proposal please read on and get involved. 

For headline article in Stratford Herald 10 October 2013 go to here.

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