Further 7.8 acres of Rowley Fields proposed for development

 Despite assurances to the contrary, Stratford Town Trust now proposes selling a further 7.8 acres of Rowley Fields for the building of 80 houses.  This in addition to the smaller parcel proposed for development to the rear of Avenue Road.  It is not too late to save both of these precious green areas from development.  Please help by:

  • becoming a member of the Town Trust by completing the application form on the Trust’s website. Membership is free. Get the  application form here.
  • attending the two consultation meetings that the Trust is holding at Stratford Arts House between 3pm and 8pm on 3 February and 9 March 2015.
  • writing to the Chair, Chief Executive and trustees of the Town Trust. For their details, click trustees
  • complain to the Charity Commission about the Trust’s actions. For details click complain
  • join us by emailing rowleyfieldsforever@yahoo.co.uk.
  • The newspaper shop on Clopton Road has a box with papers in so that you can sign a petition and leave it at the shop. Alternatively you can use the get involved section on this site.

We look forward to your support.  A map of proposed development is shown below.

Map showing propsoed development

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