Thank you to all our supporters – but please continue to help us

Rowley Fields Forever would like to offer a sincere THANK YOU to the 350 plus people who signed letters of objection to the development of Rowley Fields. Obviously, our outrage was felt and understood by Stratford Town Trust.

We will now work towards securing the remaining 1.48 acres of Rowley Fields that the Trust says it still plans to develop. We will continue our fight until ALL of Rowley Fields is permanently secured for recreational use.

Please become a member of Stratford Town Trust so that you can attend the meetings and ensure that the Trust never again makes decisions that are contrary to its objectives and the will of its members. We hope you will join us in ensuring the trustees are held accountable for their role in this whole affair which undoubtedly includes huge publicity and legal costs, money which would have been better used on grants.

Please contact us through this website or through if you would like to continue to help us.

Again, many thanks!

Rowley Fields Forever

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