Trust objects to plans to protect Rowley Fields from development

Despite all its promises Stratford Town Trust  has confirmed in writing that it will be objecting to the proposed designation of Rowley Fields as designated green space in the draft neighbourhood plan produced by Stratford Town Council. Such a designation would protect Rowley Fields from inappropriate development.

This is the very land that the Town Trust publicly said in February 2015 ” we have decided to stop our plans for a housing development on this land”. 

Yet only last week it said ” The Trustees have a legal obligation to protect the land at Benson Road and Rowley Fields for the future of the charity and we do not support the designation of the land as Open Green Space and we shall be lodging an objection, we are duty bound to do so”.

RFF understands that it will also be objecting to the land at the rear of Benson Road being classified as Rowley Fields in the first place, which is clearly incorrect given that the Trust themselves have sought to register this land with the Land Registry as Rowley Fields.

This u turn is wholly unacceptable.

So what can you do?

  • Provide feedback to the Town Council by 3 July giving your support to the  inclusion of Rowley Fields as designated green space. The policy is CLW 4 included in Section 11 of the draft on pages 102/103. Follow the link here
  • Attend the Trust AGM tonight 1 July  if you are a member and make maximum use of your vote.
  • Speak to your local councillor and write to the Herald to voice your concerns.

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