Was it all a dream?

Surely those of us who attended the AGM were dreaming, because there is no way a responsible, well managed, listening organisation could possibly have acted at the AGM in the way that it did. The Chair lost control of the meeting.  The Chief Executive ranted and raved. The members who attended were treated like children.The Trustees simply did not listen.  The members were told that the Rowley Fields issue was really down to a few people who don’t want houses built near them. But it is much much more than that.   Rowley Fields just demonstrates everything that is bad with the governance of the Trust. It could have been a completely separate topic, but the problems would have been the same. Because the heart of this issue is  the way the Trust is run and managed and until something is done about that nothing is going to change.

Look here for a great summary of what went on at the AGM.

Join the Facebook site The Welcombe Hills if you have not already done so.

And  just to let you know that the deadline for submission of comments on the neighbourhood plan referred to in our last post has been extended to 27 July.

Please continue to look at our site for further updates.

Thanks for your support


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