Help fight the planning application submitted by the Town Trust

Please help us to fight the planning application submitted by Stratford Town Trust for development at the rear of Avenue Road and Benson Road in March 2016. The application is for the demolition of 7 Benson Road and the erection of 5 detached dwellings.  We all know that this land is part of Rowley Fields  and that development of this land could open the way for the rest of Rowley Fields to be developed.

This is the supposedly responsible Town Trust trying to sneakily gain planning permission in the knowledge that the application is contrary to the 5 year housing supply and the draft neighbourhood plan and that the core strategy is about to be finalised.

The deadline for objections has passed, but this site will be updated with what happens next.  You can also track the progress of this application by going  here   This link takes you straight to the planning application.  Go to associated documents -comments section to see the objections that have been made.

Thanks to everybody for their continued support.

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