Stratford Town Trust have released a survey to its members asking for their views on what to do with 7 Benson Road and the land behind, following the refusal of planning permission in June. But Rowley Fields Forever believes this survey to be unbalanced.    One of the options given is to appeal the planning application, but there is no information on the costs of doing this and the likelihood of success. The Trust must have been advised on these key issues given it is now four months since the refusal of planning permission coupled with the fact that the Trust have only 2 weeks between the December meeting referred to in the survey and the deadline for submitting the appeal.   Secondly, whilst being pleased that the Trust now agrees to the designation of all of Rowley Fields as open green space, the survey fails to say that this significantly reduces the likelihood of ever gaining planning permission. We have written to the Trust to ask them to clarify these, and other issues we have raised, to ensure members base their decisions on balanced, unbiased information. All of Rowley Fields, including the portion at the rear of Benson Road, was meant for community use, and we urge the Trust to now protect this land for the longer term.

Please help us by using your vote.

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