Trust backs down over Rowley Fields

The Trust has just announced that it has backed down over its plans to develop 7.8 acres of Rowley Fields – see http://www.stratfordtowntrust. remain-for-recreation/

The EGM due to take place on 2 March has been cancelled.  However, the Trust has not backed down on its plans to develop 1.48 acres of Rowley Fields at the rear of Avenue Road. This despite it speculating with over £600,000 of our funds to buy 7 Benson Road to gain access to Rowley Fields and not undertaking any consultation about this proposal. So the fight is not yet over

Trust membership  has been re-opened so please submit your membership forms

We will also  be looking closely at how much money has been wasted on publicity and advice surrounding this whole campaign.


Calling all members of the Trust -reminder about EGM 2 March 2015

Just a reminder to those of you who are members of the Trust to please attend the EGM at 7pm on 2 March at the Arts House in Rother Street. IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE AND NOMINATE A PROXY VOTER .

Nominating a proxy is really easy.  Just use the form sent to you by the Trust. If possible nominate a friend to attend on your behalf.  They don’t have to be a member, but they should take ID.  Otherwise the Chair will act as your proxy.  In both cases ensure you tick how you want your vote to be cast. If you don’t tick the box, the Chair or your proxy will decide which way to vote!

The Trust must have received your proxy form in their offices by 5pm 27 February 2015 otherwise it won’t count, so send it off today.

If you have lost your proxy form or have any questions email

Thanks and see you all there.

For those of you are not Trust members, please continue to send in your application forms if you have not already done so.  The Trust are refusing to accept new applications pending the EGM which we believe is wrong.  Don’t let the Trust’s actions deter you.  For further details of how to apply click here

Town Trust EGM – 2nd March 2015 – 7pm

The Town Trust has advised that they are going to be holding an EGM to vote on whether to proceed with the development.  To vote in this meeting you need to be a member of the Trust – if you’re not a member of the Trust please join here For full details of the EGM visit the Town Trust site : Here  For further updates please keep an eye on this site or check out our Facebook Page : Here

Further 7.8 acres of Rowley Fields proposed for development

 Despite assurances to the contrary, Stratford Town Trust now proposes selling a further 7.8 acres of Rowley Fields for the building of 80 houses.  This in addition to the smaller parcel proposed for development to the rear of Avenue Road.  It is not too late to save both of these precious green areas from development.  Please help by:

  • becoming a member of the Town Trust by completing the application form on the Trust’s website. Membership is free. Get the  application form here.
  • attending the two consultation meetings that the Trust is holding at Stratford Arts House between 3pm and 8pm on 3 February and 9 March 2015.
  • writing to the Chair, Chief Executive and trustees of the Town Trust. For their details, click trustees
  • complain to the Charity Commission about the Trust’s actions. For details click complain
  • join us by emailing
  • The newspaper shop on Clopton Road has a box with papers in so that you can sign a petition and leave it at the shop. Alternatively you can use the get involved section on this site.

We look forward to your support.  A map of proposed development is shown below.

Map showing propsoed development

“Row escalates over sale of trust land for development” Stratford Herald 31 October 2013

The Rowley Fields Forever Action Group have been quick to  react to  the letter from the Chief Executive of the Town Trust in the Herald on 24 October 2013 which accused residents of ‘ a fundamental misunderstanding’ of the Trust’s plans for 7 Benson Road and the land behind. The Group believes it fully understands the plans of the Trust which is why there is so much concern. The Action Group’s comments are included on the front page of the Herald this week.  For the article please go to here.

One of the Group’s key concerns is that the Trust has failed to comply with Charity Commission guidance concerning consultation with beneficiaries in advance of purchasing and/or disposing of land. The Chief Executive’s letter in the Herald fails to address this.

Further coverage is included in the letters page of the Herald this week with a beneficiary writing in questioning the Trust’s decision to ‘sell the family silver’.

Thank you all for your support to date.  Please  continue to post comments or email through the get involved page where a summary of  the support received is shown.

Houses to be built on Welcombe Hills?

Stratford Town Trust have sold (subject to contract) some beautiful land near the Welcombe Hills for housing development together with a house they bought in January 2013 for over £615,000  on Benson Road.  The Trust own most of the land between the top of Welcombe Road and Maidenhead Road which borders on the Welcombe Hills and  development of any part of this land may lead to all of it being a housing estate in future.  Do Stratford residents want this land developed?  Should the Trust be risking beneficiaries’ money in this way? Why didn’t they ask us what we think – after all if you live in Stratford you are a beneficiary and according to the Charity Commission should have been asked.

To find out more and make a stand against this proposal please read on and get involved. 

For headline article in Stratford Herald 10 October 2013 go to here.

Local Press coverage in Stratford Herald

An article by Preston Witts appeared on the front page of the Stratford Herald on Thursday 18th July titled Alarm over town trust land sale:

ALARM was voiced this week that Stratford-upon-Avon Town Trust is planning to sell land for development purposes in one of the town’s most desirable residential areas. The trust has announced that it wishes to sell 1.48 acres it owns in Benson Road, on the edge of the Welcombe Hills. In an advertisement in a recent issue of the Herald this was described as a “freehold residential development opportunity”, subject to planning.

The full article is available here